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Answer Me!!!!!!!

Hear my heart as it beats for you,

Hear my soul as it cry's out for you,

See me as I am, look deeply inside my frame,

Understand that my love, beats at your hearts door, please let me in, I yearn for your inner thoughts, I yearn for your simple smile, I crave your passion, I feel you as you stand on the other side of this door.

You are my vision, I saw you long ago, I saw you as you passed through this door, I saw you as you enveloped my heart, I saw you in my dreams. Hear my heart, do not say no, do not go away, let love create a pathway to your laughter, let love invite you to its center field, allow love to answer for you, do not be afraid, do not sit still, touch it , feel it, understand it, do not wait. Hear my soul as it cry's out to you.

I see your fear and you see mine, Moving through this portal in time, yesterday was yesterday, you were you and so was I, but today I stand an knock, please open the door, please unlock your fears, please unlock trust, give me today and I will give you tomorrow. Answer Me!!!!!!!!!!!

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