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Compass, Changing Directions.

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

My youngest son, posed a question which changed my thinking or gave me the insight to redirect my blog.

With the strangest gaze in his eyes he asked, Mom what is your blog about?, one of my friends mom said, " Oh Alex your mom can really write, she then proceeded to explain to him how she had read some of my stuff and felt chills. My son said, mom I did not know what to say, because I haven't read any of your stuff.

I smiled and began to tell him, what my blog represented or what my intents are toward my blog was or is. He then said: Well Mom, if you are fixing broken people's hearts and minds, what are you going to do for the people who have physically broken parts?. (I think this question stemmed from the fact that he recently went through a surgery for a torn knee part and his recuperation was a bit more than he had anticipated.)

He then proceeded to tell me, how he was afraid that he would not be able to play sports again, perhaps not even walk again. He said as a young man, this was very scary and he did not know what else he was going to do, because he had placed so much emphasis on his sports life. He said what about us people, do we not need love and attention also.

Which began to move the wheels on my compass of thinking, he is so right what about the people who have direct physical ailments, that go unnoticed everyday although they may be physically staring us in the face. We some how for get to check on them, along with those who have smiles on their faces, but mask deep seeded pains and bruises of life's decisions they made and decisions which were and are made for them.

With that said I have decided to redirect my compass, not away from the broken spirited through love and trust, but to included a more deeper version of myself and those around me, I would like to ensure that each of us, regardless to how we got there, find our way back from Broken...……..

So as you begin to see a more deeper story line, bare with me, give input, choose stories and share them, like them, sent me ideas, give me the brotherly love I need to keep this thing going. I need you all with all your stories to help me reach those that are BENT...….

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