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The Fear of Failure

The struggles that i endured while trying to gather my thoughts around this book, was staggering to say the least. But, if i were to be totally honest, it was i who caused havoc for myself, by not totally believing in my dreams or tenacity as an Author. Years before this little baby became a big girl, she sat in a brief case packed away, underneath 30 tablets of poems, writings, dreams, wishes, desires and ambitions, Along with regret, hurt, fear, slothfulness and anger. Until finally my children guilt shamed me into publication ( a little something they learned from me) And from that day, life has open unto me a new chapter. Although i am not that world famous Author (yet) I am one- hundred percent in pursuit of that dream. My speaking engagements are sometime large audiences and sometime only a mere 10, but for whatever the crowd size i end up seeing, i have learned to count my blessings and count it all joy. Did i tell you that the Joy of the Lord is my Strength, well if not then yes he is.

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