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The Love of my Life.......

You are my sunshine my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies were grey, you'll never know Ma how much i miss you, when god took your sunshine away.

Most of us have had to deal with death, in one form or another, the absolute paralytic emotional damage that stems from death, is aggressive and sneaky all at the same time. If we were to examine my reason for my blogging, it would probably trace back to the death of my Granny and my overwhelming need to breath, i do not think i actually took a breath in 20 years. Hence the term sponge found its way into my life, i immediately learned to absorb all my emotions and place them neatly in a concealed, Fort Knox guarded box. Until the day, they spilled out and caused me pain, (me the keeper of the gate) how laughable and deadly all at once. I've seen enormous amounts of pain throughout the years, some fixable and some never to be repaired, while on vacation, i found myself less enthusiastic about the trip, than my travel companions, so instead of sightseeing, swimming, bar lounge sitting while alcohol drinking, men chasing and massage taking. i opted for the latter fun, lying in bed, watching t.v and thinking. You may now be wondering, what could she have possibly been thinking, that had her acting like a recluse? well don't ask me, until this very day i have no idea. What i do know is as i laid in that bed, in the still of the nights and evenings, i began to hear instructions on how to be my brothers keepers, i'm telling you, it was as audible as these words. You are still Bent, after all these years you are still Bent, but you are not Broken, when you write from your soul, to encourage yourself you will encourage others (i had literally stopped any form of writing, but that's for another blog story). It took several months to convince myself that this was the route to take, so here i am. I pray through these pages you all will find the strength, courage, life and the mind that will say although you were Bent you are not Broken. I'm new to this blogging, but, i promise to always write from my heart and from the truth. Thank you my new friends.........

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