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I never asked for much....

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

I never asked for much

My required ask of you, was that you required of me, a resting place for you.

If requiring you to enjoy in me the solitude of love, then those were the things I required of you.

  1. Not much!!! No grandstanding, no hurdle jumps, no unnecessary displays of longitude or latitude, no diamond mine certificates, no heart transplants nor any absorbent amounts of useless time. My required ask of you is that you require of me, a resting place for your soul, your love, your peace and your heart. You must understand that my required ask of you, is defined by my required ask of me. My required ask of you suggest who the woman is in me, which longs for the man in you. If i had required you to empty your pockets, that would have never met my needs, for I only required you to empty your problems and place them on me. Just to secure your mind a resting place, my required ask of you is what I thought your required needs would be, but unless you have no requirements this will never live to see, the inner requirements from me. If I had required you to climb a mountain and proclaim your intent, then l would have left our friendship in an useless bliss.But my requirements did not span that far, yet my requirements would never neglect who you truly are. So now the requirements I ask of you, includes the person I've grown to know, A simple person with simple needs, those are the requirement I thought you saw in me. The requirements I require, requires trust, patience and peace, such a simple requirement indeed. ©Rose Griffin Because #bentisntbroken

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