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Kissing February...……..

When God kissed February, He gave it to you. Without a word, he knew exactly what to do.

He added red to your cheeks; he put a twinkle in your eye, using your laughter to cover your cry.

He added a little humor and sarcasm to, allowing you to invent a fable or two. He added a swing in your hips and a glide in your stride, when you pass by a mirror you can’t help but smile.

Giving you the Peace to follow your dreams, although you had a stop or two, he wasn’t finished; he knew exactly what to do.

He adorned your womb with precious little ones and fashioned your style of colors so wild, He adjusted your Heart to always forgive, with a drive to stay alive, regardless to what other people feel. You have a luster for Life and a Gift of gab, Never let anyone remove your forehead grace, and remember, you belong to God in his special place.

Oh Yeah!!!!! He knew exactly what to do, when he Kissed February with you.

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