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Reaching for something, without having hands,,,,,,,,.

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

She reached for love, but it slipped away

She reached for peace and it wasn't there to stay,

She reached for hope, none was to be found, she searched and searched none came around

She reached for work, a job she could not get

She reached for laughter, but they killed her joy and replaced it with a fake toy

She reached for honesty and the door closed shut

She reach for mercy, nothing came back

She reach for food, hunger met her throat

She reached for closure, but the river flooded the gate

She reached for education and they stabbered her in the back

She reached for travel and got lost on the track

She reached for children, but lost each of them before they attached

She reached for purity and got robbed of it at 6

She reached for privacy and the paparazzi came back

She reached for her son, but he never came home

She reached for water, but they gave her charred glass

Then she reached for anger, yes it did stay, because the anger was the only thing that filled her hands, from the beginning of her days.

Why anger you may say, because anger gave her the strength to continually walk away, as she looked at her hands and wondered why nothing ever stayed.

A small, small voice said; how can you ever hold anything with no hands, your hands are filled with your pass regrets

Your hands are filled with the doubts unmet,

Your hands are filled with the times you cried

Your hands are filled with the ones who died

Your hands are filled with the untrue lies

Your hands are filled with that fake ass pride

Your hands are filled with the dream never seen

Girl go head and empty your hands, so you can catch some things.

Written, composed and from the heart of me, Rose Griffin 2018

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