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Settling my mind

These are the cracks of my mind, they came from my heart, they say she almost died, they say she almost lived, they say she was a victim, they say abused, they say confused, they say pain, they say shame, they say lonely, they say tears, they say mistrust, they say fears, they say she tried again and again, but what they don't say is that her laughter kept her alive, her tenacity and drive broke her free, there is no mention of her teeth gritting, heart pounding actions for freedom, what will never be told is her compassionate desire to keep her head above water. She is a warrior even when the voices in her head screams give up, you are useless, you are broken, no one love you, no one will ever come for you, you are fat, you are brown, you are scarred, you are fragile, you love too much, you cry to easily, you understand to much, you are too old, you are too young, you pray too much, you eat too much, you are loud, you cuss, you debate, you laugh to loud, you work to hard, you are a push over.

These are the cracks of my life, they say regardless to all the things I hear in my head, I am still here, even though these cracked represent, pain from piercings, stabbings, gnawing's, being lied too, left confused, laughed at, poked and prodded. There is still something about these cracks that say; I am settling my mind.

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