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The Garden

As I travel through this garden,

Sometimes Broken

Sometimes Alone

Sometimes in Tears

Sometimes Afraid

Sometimes Rejected

Sometimes Dissappointed

Sometimes Ashamed and

Sometimes Defeated

But yet, I come through this garden.

I came to this garden with broken trust, split emotions, rejected fruit, tattered dreams, withered disappointment's, ashamed, soaked in my tears, But yet alone, I came through this garden.

Here I stand, looking like a hot mess. While I empty my coffer, because my Soul needs rest.

So in the garden I stand once again, wishing, hoping, praying for peace to open up again.

Some say I'm foolish for this anguish I feel, but to love and trust makes our hearts so very real.

How dare they diminish my inner thoughts, we all have them, but so many people hide feelings and often get lost.

Lost inside their heads which cause night dreams, lost inside their bodies, which cause fats

things, lost inside their skin, which cause circles of black, Some even lose them by lying on their backs.

Some hide them with words of song

Some hide them with alcohol

Some hide them with fancy clothing and matching cars.

Regardless to the method they may choose, we all have found ourselves living what we lose,

Well here I go again, through the garden I choose, maybe this time I will learn to live, and never again will I lose.

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