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The White Horse Syndrome!!

For hundreds of years we women have been lead to believe that some guy on a white horse, would swoop in an make all our dreams come true. Every story we have ever read, mostly all the shows we watch, darn near every fable our ancestors told, were about some strong gallant guy, coming to take us to our paradise.

As if we were Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Tiana just to name a few,

For those very reasons a lot of women do not help themselves to the piece of pie life offers us, because we are conditioned to wait on some dude, just in case he has the answer. In fact those fables have crippled thousands of gifted, talented and intelligent women, It is a shame how we are programmed to this idea.

Not to say Mr. It isn't available, primed and ready to be the one and true love of our lives, dependable, able, willing, trustworthy, generous, ambitious, with a castle and a mote(lol). Ok so lets just say this guy lives, and he choose you today? what would be your response to this person.

Lets just be real ladies, when guy came for Cinderella, she had skills, she could cook, clean and she was very loyal even to those who harmed her, And when guy came for Snow White, she was already a princess, When guy found Tiana, she had money, she had saved toward her restaurant, when guy found Rapunzel she had been a kidnapped princess, whose family was still looking for her.

What I'm trying to say is, When this guy comes for you what will you bring to the table, (Hell even Pretty Woman's guy knew, he had an intelligent woman who only needed a break, during those days he spent with her, she exhibited extreme talents in communication and business savvy). So twiddling your thumbs and sitting still wont cut it, be about your own business.

Make sure whom ever this white horse riding man is, he fully understands that you are intelligent, and able body, an intelligent body, and more than just a BODY, useful in more places than one.

Today ladies we begin our truth talk Sundays, as often as I can, I will share my thoughts on certain matters, although they are just my thoughts and my opinions, I will try to make them simple and thought provoking, Because Bent isn't Broken...… I Love You!!!!!!!!!

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