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The World of, I cant do this on my own.

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

I once was young, but now I'm older. This sounds so mature, so adequate, so vibrant, so intelligent and yet it is a road map from hell. So many people have found themselves at the mercy of some other person and yet having no idea, they were the object of that persons hallucinations.

You know the kinds where we have determined, we are not capable of handling life unless there's some else standing there, holding our hands. I ran into a friend recently, she looked so polished, she smiled a lot, but within the 30 minutes we conversed, I found it amazingly clear, her focus was aimed at the man in her life, she did not talk to me about her life, her goals, her ideas, her needs, her dreams, her ambitions, her job, her career, her education nor her health.

Although I tried to direct her conversation back to herself and her life, she continuously reverted back to him. I'm sure he's probably an awesome man, with good intentions, but it bothered me to see that she had no her in her life, I felt as if she had vanished and replaced all her god given talents and womanly beauties, for the ashes of another humans identity.

This disturbed me, because the world has changed so vastly, we as women are now able to love and be loved, without losing our personal identity, without settling for second fiddle.

Most people say, you women are too bossy or independent and I say to those folks, most real men, wants to be the man, but in the back of his mind he still wants to know, "If he becomes incapable of providing, become injured, loses his job or any of a thousands of reason, could he depend on her to carry on in the manner, he has drawn them accustomed to?

The problem wasn't that she honored this gentlemen, the problem was " in my opinion", she had no room to honor herself. I wanted to hear about her, I wanted to see that sparkle in her eye, I formally knew to be of her, I wanted to witness the vibrant woman, who had set out to conquer the world, through love, peace and humanitarian efforts. I desired to see how she maneuvered her self in life and love. Being a partner is an awesome gift, it is connections to others in so many ways, it is the joining together, but allowing the person identity to flourish and sustain.

I was also thinking, does this gentleman know he's the center of her life? What if, he wasn't aware, what if, he had been placed in a position he hadn't asked for? That happens you know. People are given into their own insecurities and they take other people along for the ride, and to their amazement, they have no say in the matter. They look up one day and they are the center of someone's entire world. Such a hard place to be in, on either persons part...….. Just a passing thought...….

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